Augment private e-scooter subscription - better than your own

Better than your own

Experience the perks of having your own personal e-scooter with's subscription service, always ready for you like it's your own. Join the future of urban commuting and make a positive impact today!


Subscription Perks

Save money

A low fixed monthly fee


Contribute to a more sustainable future

Premium Experience

Outstanding performance and comfort

Replacement Service

A hassle-free e-scooter experience

Worry-Free Rides

Get ready for 2+ years of worry-free rides

Purchase and Upgrade

A possibility to purchase and update your e-scooter personal e-scooter subscription - Save Money

Save Money

Choose our service and save money on your e-scooter usage. You only pay a low fixed monthly fee, with discounts for longer payment intervals. The contract period is 24 months, and you can select the payment interval that suits you best. After 24 months, you can purchase the scooter or continue the service with a 1-month notice period. an eco-friendly personal e-scooter subscription


By choosing our service, you contribute to a more sustainable future. We are committed to responsibility and sustainable development. Our innovative express replacement service is based on a circular economy model that extends the life of e-scooters and significantly reduces electronic waste. Our high Upright Net Impact score (+59) demonstrates our positive impact on society and the environment.

Augment ES 210 Premium Riding Experience

Premium Riding Experience

Enjoy the outstanding performance and comfort of the Augment ES 210 e-scooter. The 10" air tyres with inner tubes provide the perfect balance between comfort, control, and compact size. The scooter's powerful motor ensures excellent acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities. subscription means worry-free rides

Worry-Free Rides

Get ready for two years of worry-free rides. Order your Augment ES 210 e-scooter online through our country-specific sites and have it home-delivered in 2-4 days. Our express replacement service ensures that your e-scooter is always in top condition.'s Express Replacement Service

Express Replacement Service

Our Express Replacement Service ensures a hassle-free e-scooter experience. If you encounter any technical issues with your e-scooter, simply contact our customer support. We will send you a replacement unit, and you can return the broken scooter to us. We will repair it and prepare it for the next customer in need of a replacement. upgrade and purchase options

Purchase and Upgrade Options

After 24 months, you can purchase your e-scooter for a low one time fee or continue the service with a 1-month notice period. You also have the option to upgrade your e-scooter after 12 months with a one-time fee of €125, or after 18 months free of charge, which starts a new contract.

Lakimies ajaa Augment ES210 sähköpotkulaudalla

Stop owning, Start Using


100 % kiertotalouden mukaiset skuutit

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