Augment private e-scooter subscription - better than your own

The future of renting.

The most affordable, environmentally friendly and stress-free way to move around. No maintenance to think about, no repairs to pay and yearly upgrades to stay on top of your commute game.

Smarter, cheaper, faster.

With our subscription-based model you get all the benefits of a high-tech ride without having to worry about organising and paying for maintenance or repairs. With us you just focus on the ride.

Save money.

Maintenance and repairs included.

Premium e-scooters.

The best blend of power, confort and style.

Uninterrupted rides.

With our maintenance teams standing by, no more waiting for repairs.

Accident protection.

We've got you covered for any type of accident: collisions, falls, etc.


We design our e-scooters to last, thus reducing tech waste.

Purchase and upgrades.

Get access to newest model every year and keep it at the end.

Making your commute epic.

Performance, lightness and style: we design e-scooters for daily use. With your augment+ plan you get access to our newest model with 10-inch air tyres for smooth rides, a strong engine for quick starts and breezy hill climbs.

Time to take over the city.

Augment e-scooters made for commuting

Saving money.

On the augment+ plan, you get a premium e-scooter with free repairs and full accident coverage. There are no interest rates or fees to ever pay for part replacement or repairs.

That way you save your money for what really matters.

Saving money

How much you really save.

The cost of repairs.
With another scooterWith augment+
New rear break75 €0 €
Tyre puncture75 €0 €
New tyre90 €0 €
Battery replacement230 €0 €
Engine repair250 €0 €
augment ES210 e-scooter

Full accident coverage.

Accidents can happen to anyone. No matter how careful we are. A gust of wind can tip over your e-scooter, you can hit the kerb, etc.

Well, good news, our augment+ express replacement service covers all types of accidents.

happy augment customer

In-app express assistance.

Any issue? Just contact our customer service via our chat. Within 1-3 days, you will receive a replacement e-scooter free of charge. Once you have received the replacement e-scooter, simply send the old one back to us, again, free of charge.

Augment offers guaranteed scooter time

Purchase and upgrades.

After 24 months, you can purchase your e-scooter for 29 € or 49 € depending on the country. You can of course also renew your augment+ plan giving us a 1-month notice.

You also have the option to upgrade your e-scooter after 18 months for free (or after 12 months for €125), thus starting a new 24-month plan with us.

augment ES210 e-scooter user

100% circular model.

We believe in a sustainable approach: repairing, reusing, remanufacturing, and recycling every part. Many on the market are made with model-specific parts, which can be hard to replace, if not impossible. But with us, you can relax: we stock all spare parts, handle repairs in-house, and ensure 100% recycling.

Circular economy

Epic quality control.

Our replacement e-scooters undergo rigorous testing to ensure top-notch performance, regardless of the parts used. Join us in a sustainable and efficient way of getting around.

Quality control