Augment e-scooter ES210


Supercharge your ride.

Climb all hills.

Unlock your commute.

Uphill without a sweat.

Powerful, exceptional hill-climbing ability, amazing acceleration, and surprisingly lightweight... your commute just got sexier.

Comfort and style.

10-inch air tyres, smooth brake system and a sleek brushed chrome finish.


A 450W / 900W engine to make you feel the torque.


High-quality materials and components to elevate your ride.


25-40 km range, depending on your weight and cruse speed.

Light weight.

Easy to handle and light to carry up stairs.


A "one-click" removable battery for the easiest home / office charging experience.

Another level of safety.

Our ES210 series is a blend between style, power, comfort and technology; all in the name of safer rides.

augment e-scooter detail shots

Another level of safety.

Our ES210 series is a blend between style, power, comfort and technology; all in the name of safer rides.

A flexible and compact design.

Take the ES210 series anywhere with you... Freakishly compact and light (under 15 kg), it is easy to carry around and to tuck away at home, at your office or in public transports.

Augment ES 210 under 15 kg of freedom

A torque to master all hills.

With the ES210 series, you get the push you need. Hills become a thing of the past and climbing feels like gliding. Equipped with a 48 V motor, which offers more torque and power than competing e-scooters like Xiaomi Mi Pro 4 or Segway Max G30 equipped with 36 V motors...


The 10-inch comfort.

Enhanced shock absorption, stability, and grip provided by ES210's 10-inch air tyres. With inner air tubes, ensuring smoother and safer rides.


"One-click" removable battery.

You can charge it on the e-scooter or remove it with just two fingers. Tip: order a second battery to carry as a spare and double your range!

removable battery

A super urban range.

Boasting a competitive range of up to 45 km under lab conditions (60 kg riders, 10 km/h). Enough to cover your daily commute and some pleasure rides...


The ES210 series.

Now available with an epic range upgrade (Super-LR).

ES210ES210 Super-LR
Top speed25 km/h25 km/h
Motor power450W / 900W450W / 900W
Torque20+ Nm25+ Nm
Weight14.8 kg14.8 kg
Battery capacity360Wh460Wh
Tires10" air tires10" air tires
Range (60kg, 10km/h)35 km45 km
Range (80kg, 25km/h)18 km25 km

Choose your plan.

You subscribe for 24 months and can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or just once for the whole period.

Prices vary by country. Please check your local country specific site to see your prices.

FrequencyPayments(Monthly equivalent)Total cost
Once574.80 €(23.95 €)574.80 €
Quarterly79.95 €(26.65 €)639.60 €
Monthly32.95 €(32.95 €)790.80 €

What people say about ES210.

Jannah H.

The e-scooter is really impressive, powerful and with a long lasting battery. I can ride up to 25 km.

Jannah H.


So happy with my e-scooter. It works perfectly and the battery holds even long rides. After 16 km I still had my battery and power levels at the same level.



Really surprised with the e-scooter's quality... it's comfortable, silent and we don't feel the road's indents thanks to its air tube front tyre.


Cheap e-scooter myths debunked.

Premium e-scooters like the ES210 are constructed with lightweight, durable materials such as magnesium aluminium. It's not uncommon for cheaper e-scooter brands to be produced with lesser quality materials and poor quality checks. Moreover, they are often powered by recycled, used battery cells.

If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. While manufacturers can easily boast about weight, power, range, or hill-climbing capabilities on paper, the reality can be drastically different for the end user.

Again, this is a misconception. E-scooters are like any other motorised vehicles. They have many moving parts that wear and tear, electronics that may fault, tyre that punctures, etc. When they wear out, they need maintenance or sometimes even to be replaced. Don't risk your luck thinking you won't encounter any issues. Without any other accidents and with very careful care, your e-scooter will most likely need to be repaired every year if you use it regularly.

The warranty only covers manufacturing defects, which account for maybe 2 out of 10 defects on e-scooters.

No warranty covers wear and tear of parts such as brake pads, battery, punctures or even accidents.

To this day, there are no off-the-shelf components for e-scooters that every brand can use. All e-scooters are made from proprietary components and work in a set product design. Components often change between production runs too, so even if two scooters look exactly the same, the parts will not work together.

That means there is really low guarantee that you will find the spare parts your e-scooters needs if you decide to repair it yourself. On top of this, manufacturers and their suppliers come and go, meaning equivalent parts might disappear over time.

Finding a bike shop that will be able to repair your e-scooter is not short of a miracle. And even if they did, they won't always have the spare parts you need in stock. Often times, they will order from our suppliers and make you pay for it. So why not just cut the cost with augment+?

Let's face it. Cheap e-scooters aren't designed to last. They are built more as a single-use machine (merged parts, inaccessible mechanisms, etc.) and that means repairs are harder to perform on them. Even if you're able to find the spare parts you need, fixing one might be a pain and will take you a lot of time. Not to mention the cost...

Of course you can, but why would the new one perform differently? You're then stuck in a loop. E-waste is a massive issue and you'll only be enabling brands to produce cheaper, less solid machines and gradually increasing their prices. That's just bad capitalism in a nutshell. Let's not undervalue your feeling of safety either. At augment we want our riders to feel protected and safe riding ultra performing e-scooters. Your piece of mind is worth much more.