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Augment ES210

The market's most powerful electric scooter under 15 kg for daily use. Driving comfort is ensured by 10" air-filled tires with inner tubes.

Augment ES210

Great performance

Powerful, good hill-climbing ability, amazing acceleration, and surprisingly light in weight


10" air tyres


The 48V motor with plenty power and torque


High-quality materials and components


Plenty of range for commuting

Light weight

Easy to handle and light to carry up stairs


Swap battery for home/office charging


Monthly fee

You only pay a low monthly fee. The longer the payment interval you choose, the more you save. You can select from 1, 3, and 24-month payment intervals. You only pay for the charging electricity, and after 24 months, you can redeem the scooter for €49 or continue the service with a 1-month notice period.

Prices vary by country, please check your local country specific site to see your prices. For example, here are the prices in France

PaymentsPer paymentPrice / Month
1 / 24 mos€ 574.80€ 23.95
8 / 24 mos€ 79.95 € 26.65
24 / 24 mos€ 32.95€ 32.95
Augment ES 210 Powerful Performance

Powerful Performance

ES 210 comes in two versions, differing in motor torque and battery size. Both have a powerful 48V motor for quick acceleration and hill climbing. The normal version has 20 Nm torque, while the Super LR offers 25 Nm, ensuring speed doesn't decrease even on steeper hills.


Experience the Augments ES 210 e-scooter that weighs less than 15kg! Thanks to its light weight, the scooter is easy to move around and store, whether you are at work or at home. The ES 210 makes getting around easy and effortless.

Augment ES 210 under 15 kg of freedom
Augment ES 210

Impressive Range

The normal ES210 version provides 18-22 km (360 Wh) for an 80 kg rider, while the Super LR version offers over 25 km (460 Wh). For a lighter rider weighing 60 kg, a distance of up to 40+ km can be achieved at low speeds.

Unleash Charging Flexibility

Augment ES 210's removable battery revolutionizes your charging routine. Detach and bring it indoors to charge at work or home. Enjoy seamless and hassle-free charging with this game-changing feature.

Augment ES 210 removable battery

Air Tyres

Experience the enhanced shock absorption, stability, and grip provided by 10" air tyres with inner tubes, ensuring a smoother, safer, and more comfortable journey. Transform your daily commutes and leisure rides into enjoyable experiences with our premium tyres.

Augment ES 210 e-scooter with 10" air tyres
Augment ES 210

Powerful brakes

Benefit from the ES210's powerful triple brake system. With an effective rear disc brake, a front electric ABS brake, and a classic rear fender brake, you'll have the necessary stopping power for quick reactions in traffic.

Augment ES 210

Excellent handling

The ES 210 offers consistent performance in all conditions due to its well-designed dimensions. A rubber deck mat and ergonomic handlebar with rubber grips enhance the riding comfort.

Augment ES 210

Anti-theft protection

The Augment ES 210 features a patented anti-theft system. After 10 startups, the immobilizer system automatically activates, and only you can unlock it using the Augment app.



The Augment ES 210 is equipped with a 48 V motor, which offers more torque (20 / 25 Nm) and power (450 W) than competing e-scooters like Xiaomi Mi Pro 4 or Segway Max G30 equipped with 36 V motors.

ES 210ES 210 Super-LR
Top speed25 km/h25 km/h
Motor power450W / 900W450W / 900W
Torque20+ Nm25+ Nm
Weight14.8 kg14.8 kg
Battery capacity360Wh460Wh
Tires10" air tires10" air tires
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