Augment Story

The Augment Story

From ski to mobility

We are pioneers, driven to innovate and create something game-changing. Our story began in professional sports, where we developed and manufactured World Cup Alpine and Ski Jumping skis. Since those day, we have become the biggest provider of e-scooter subscription services in Europe.

Our core value is to make the best-performing products and services available to all at affordable prices. We do this through challenging the status quo and the traditional ways of doing business. Whatever we do, the same values drive us.

Man riding an e-scooter

How it all started

Augment was founded in Pinzgau, Austria, in 2015. The ski industry dismissed our vision of making handmade real world cup-quality skis available to skiers of all levels and young racers. Top Austrian ski engineers and developers joined our founders and made our vision a reality. We participated in our first FIS Alpine World Cup race in Sölden in 2015, and by the end of the winter, had already scored our first World Cup points.

Around the same time, we also set up an assembly workshop in Finland, in order to develop and assemble MTB racing bikes.

In 2016, Sini Alusniemi won a high-level international professional MTB race on an ultra-light bike developed by Augment.

Augment founders with Alpine World Cup athlete Tim Jitloff, USA

Exploring new venues

In 2019, we undertook a new challenge and began developing and manufacturing ski-jumping skis. That same winter, Austrian ski jumper Eva Pinkelnig achieved her first World Cup podium, solidifying our place in top-level sports.

Augment ski jumper on world cup podium

The same year we started our personal e-scooter subscription service. It was a big bold idea born around a dinner table: to make e-scooters available at ski resorts. Skiers would be able get from their hotels to lifts easily without cars. In developing the e-scooter, we used the knowledge we had gained over the years from developing MTB racing bikes.

Mechanic repairing an e-scooter

Electrifying our success

In 2020, after a year of development, we launched our e-scooter subscription service in Finland, Austria, and Sweden. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and it quickly became apparent that this would become our core business.

Our goal was simple: to be the best partner for our customers, offering them high-performance commuting e-scooters with an all-inclusive free repair and replacement service. And we didn’t stop there. In the following years, we expanded our service to Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, and Belgium, becoming a European-wide provider.

Two people riding e-scooter by a river

Olympic gold

Our most significant achievements were yet to come. In 2022, we successfully won Olympic gold and silver medals in ski jumping with Austrian Manuel Fettner and a gold medal at the Para Olympics with Finnish Santeri Kiiveri. A moment we had worked years for, and will always be proud of.

Augment ski factory Montana grinding machine

Red Bull & Van Deer

With success, difficult decisions had to be made. In 2022, we chose to focus entirely on e-mobility services. We needed to find a new home for our ski manufacturing and World Cup ski development business.

Marcel Hirscher and his company, Van Deer and Red Bull, approached us with an offer to buy the Augment ski factory and know-how.

It was the perfect opportunity, as Van Deer and Red Bull have the resources to recruit the best athletes in the world to showcase the capabilities of Augment and Van Deer skis. And with the highly skilled staff at the Augment factory, they have the expertise to continue pushing the boundaries of ski development, just as Marcel Hirscher did throughout his career.

Austrian Philipp Schörghofer skiing Augment skis at FIS Alpine World Cup race

Augmented future

Looking to the future, Augment Mobility is dedicated to providing better and better e-mobility services for our customers. We will go above and beyond the usual to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services.

We will continue to offer e-scooters for a monthly fee that includes everything from punctures to damages and breakdowns. Simply contact our customer service, and within a few days, you’ll have a working e-scooter at your doorstep – the ultimate solution for commuting.

Our service is growing fast, with over 50 employees in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, England, Italy, France, Belgium and Spain. We have plans to expand to even more countries like Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK.

Girl commuting to work by combining train and Augment e-scooter

Our goal is to serve millions of customers on their daily commutes with top-quality e-scooter subscription services. Giving them the best possible performance at the best possible price.

This is the Augment way – we push pushing boundaries, achieving greatness, and making it accessible to everyone.

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