A man standing with Augment.Eco ES One 10 eScooter

The E-Scooter Membership

Subscribe to Augment to receive your personal electric scooter.

For a fixed monthly price, your E-Scooter is always in working order. In case of any problem, we will replace your E-Scooter within 1-3 days. Our membership is available throughout Europe from € 23.95 per month.

365 Augment Care

Whatever your need, we are here for you. No matter if it's a flat tyre, a faulty battery or replacement parts, we will provide them for you. If needed, we can even ship a completely new scooter to you within 24 hrs, so that you can keep on riding, uninterrupted. No hidden costs, no stress or worries for you.

Fast, Light, Super Quiet

Augment Upgrade

We all know how fast technology moves. After the first 12 months of your membership, you have the unique opportunity to upgrade to the latest model of your choice for only € 125. Or, after 18 months this upgrade is free of charge! With any upgrade, a new 24 Month membership will automatically start.

Like it? Love it? Buy it !

Augment Purchase Program

At the end of the 24-month contract, paying only € 29 one-off, the scooter becomes your property.

Augment E-Scooter

Our New Model
ES 210
  • Availability: 350 pcs
  • Wheels 10"
  • Motor: 450W / 48V
  • Range: up to 35 km
  • Max carrying capacity: 100 Kg
  • Weight : 14.2 Kg
Augment ES 210

Subscribe to Endless Exploration

The Augment.Eco membership is better than owning, with no risk and all the flexibility. This isn't a lease, a rental or a rideshare. Our 24 Month Plan is an all-inclusive club that keeps you riding without the high cost of a purchase – a low cost high reward E-Scooter Club that will make things easier for you.

New e-scooter delivered to your house
Warranty incl manufacturing faults
Free Express Replacement
Replacement Service incl consumables
Battery Coverage
Free Upgrades
Model Swap Possibility
Buy yourself
Low Monthly Fee

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