Augment ES210 e-scooter - your daily companion

You but faster.

Our e-scooters are the cheapest, fastest and smoothest way to move around. Whether you live in a small town or a bigger city.

Top-6 reasons to get an e-scooter.

Commuting freedom.

No traffic. No parking problems. No bus ticket. No change of clothes.

Unleashing your city.

Every is at 5-10 minutes away (school, gym, groceries, restaurant, etc.)

Real weekend breaks.

Meeting friends, city tours, nature rides. Go wherever your weekend leads you.

Compact and light.

Under 15 kg. Fold it and tuck it away (in the metro, under your desk, etc.) Easy to carry around (stairs, shops, etc.) "One click" detachable battery.

A money saver.

Fixed, low subscription plan with maintenance, repairs and replacements included in the price.

Sustainable everyday.

Of course, with e-scooters you decarbonise a lot, but you also reduce noise, heat and tech pollution.

To all commuters...

E-scooters are the fastest option for commuting across the city. With augment, your day starts by jumping on your e-scooter, getting to your office in under 10 minutes and stowing it neatly under your desk. Forget changing clothes, traffic, parking hassles, or hunting a decent bike down the street.

Commute with Augment ES210 e-scooter from your doorsteps to office in less than 5 minutes

Beat the commute machine.

Ever feel like commuting is entering a triage farm? Walking down the station, no space on the platform, steaming buses and metros? With e-our scooters you can reduce the amount of stress you experience daily, whether you replace public transports or start combining it with an e-scooter. There are simply no gaps left in your commute - just a seamless, smart way to travel.

Busy commute

Commute Smarter

Make your longer commutes effortless. Combine your Augment e-scooter with train or underground. Simply ride from your doorstep to the station, fold the e-scooter and take it on the train for free, then ride straight to work from the station. No worries about parking, no fear of bike theft and no gaps in your commute - just a seamless, smart way to travel.

Commute smarter with Augment ES210 e-scooter with train or metro

Yours 24/7

Enjoy the ease of a personal e-scooter, always ready for your needs. It's perfect for work commutes, getting to your hobbies, or visiting friends on weekends. Plus, it's cost-effective, with only minimal electricity needed for charging – less than 0.20 € per 100 km. Your Augment e-scooter: there for you, any time, any day.

Enjoy the ease of a personal Augment ES210 e-scooter, always ready for your needs

Easy to Store

The Augment ES210 is designed to be home-friendly. Light and compact, it easily fits in your hallway, ready to go whenever you are. It's simple to carry up stairs and fits in any elevator. With its removable battery, you can charge it anywhere – even if you don't have a plug socket nearby. Storing your e-scooter has never been easier.

Augment ES210 Easy to Store in the Lobby at Home

Save Money

At just 23.95 € / month with a 24-month prepayment, Augment's service is a fraction of the cost of many city bus passes. Make a significant monthly saving by swapping the bus for an e-scooter.

Consider the average running costs of a car, which are typically 50 € / 100 km without factoring in depreciation. In contrast, an e-scooter costs a mere 0.3 - 0.5 € / 100 km to run. That means almost 50 € in savings every month for every 100 km traveled. Your wallet will thank you.

start saving with getting your own Augment ES 210 e-scooter


Switching to an e-scooter isn't just about saving time and money, or enjoying a fun way to travel. It's also about making a positive impact on the environment. By choosing Augment, you are actively reducing CO2 emissions. And with our commitment to a circular economy model, you're also minimizing electronic waste. It's a win for you, a win for your wallet, and a win for our planet.

Get your Augment ES210 e-scooter - It's a win for you, a win for your wallet, and a win for our planet