A man is sitting in a room, where there is an e-scooter next to him. A man is checking his phone. There is a laptop in front of him.
Author: Tatiana Andreeva

Tatiana Andreeva


Exploring the Latest Research Data on E-Scooters

When the topic of e-scooters arises, people often immediately think of shared e-scooters rather than privately owned ones. However, it's crucial also to differentiate between the two and be able to analyze them through the lens of scientific research.

We've complied a collection of articles and news that explore a range of topics related to e-scooters, including safety, market growth predictions, social and economic factors, user personas, and more. When reviewing scientific literature on micro-mobility and e-scooters, it's especially critical to discern whether the authors are addressing shared e-scooters or privately owned ones or both.

Market Growth Prediction



Social Factors

Personas & Consumer group values/preferences